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Bakery Gets Bigger

"Carrie and I worked together locating a leased location in East Orlando.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Carrie and came to know her as my agent and friend. She is phenomenal. Beyond that, she is a good person, which means more to me than anything else. Carrie is not thrown off by any roadblocks, of which we've hit many. She is a problem solver and a hard worker. Carrie's acumen and professionalism slay. Negotiations took longer than expected, but she never lost sight of my ultimate goals, and she kept me sane.

Carrie has been an absolute joy to work with. In fact, she's now helping me locate a second space and is now working with my husband John to purchase a bigger building for his growing business. We plan to stick with her, and have offered her a permanent exclusivity with us as we have large expansion plans and I wouldn't want anyone else working with us."

Bakery Gets Bigger
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